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Have you heard of the 1.5 million Kisaju houses that are being provided and  financed by Jamii Bora Makao Ltd  in conjuction with Urbanis Africa?  With the rising cost of homes and houses in Kenya this sounds like a good deal.

I have built a house for myself for and I do know the costs associated with building a home.  It is for this reason that I find a 1.5 million house of 90m2 to be a bargain. Not only is a 1.5 million mortgage payable but I can bet that these units will appreciate in value over time.

Kisaju Jamii Bora Houses and homes

Low cost Kisaju housing jamiiboramakao.co.ke


The first question I asked myself when I heard bout this is how someone could build such a low cost units. However I have come to learn that there are many ways to build a house  besides the conventional techniques that are mostly used.


I recently took a trip to Rift Valley and visited this old colonial home that is made of mud and plastered on the outside. This house has stood strong for over 60 years now and still services its main purpose.  In the UK these are referred to as cob homes and if well maintained they could last for centuries. We need to break away from the fixed mindset that decent houses need to be made from stone. In the light of the dwindling resources we need to develop and define new ways of building homes and houses.

Cob house courtesy of the telegraph uk


One thing is for sure, the cost of hosing will always go up and you need to get yourself one before it is out of your reach. Therefore if someone has a small income or a steady job I would recommend that you go for a Kisaju unit.  Visit the Jamii Bora Makao website for more details on these low cost houses.


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  1. Jane Ayub says:

    Very interesting am soo interested if provided with information to help me make decisions.

  2. David Fundia says:

    I have engaged my income for one unit. 60kms distance is quite wide however think of the time we waste on traffic jam between town and Bellevue or between town and Rongai. I bet someone living at Nyayo Embakasi will arrive 25 minutes earlier than the Kisaju guy. Deal? Not to mention, owning a house is the greatest thing for any pax living in this capital city….. Rem the decisions in portfolio management? Thanks to Makao Limited

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