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Career choice is a major step in one’s life. A good choice is thus paramount to succeeding in the select field.  A timely guide to career choices and easy application aides one to the best choices in a particular field. Applicants need to know the progress of their application to different universities and colleges and which of them have made offers. Sometimes a follow up with the institution is a real headache. UCAS track is an online system developed by UCAS to track ones application after submission. For example, It lets one know which institutions have made an offer in response to the application. Moreover, it shows one which of the offers have not been replied by the prospective student.

UCAS track is ready for use once an application has been approved and a welcome letter sent to the prospect. Also included in the letter is one’s personal ID, user name and password to login to UCAS track account. This will be required when one is using UCAS Apply system to send an application. One’s university and college choices then receive the application from UCAS.

Applicants once approved log in to UCAS login page known as ‘Apply’. They are then required to complete six steps when completing their application. The system oversees the application process by monitoring how applications are made, creating, editing and approving relevant references, checking and submitting applications and making secure online payments.

The first step is to choose the right course. Anyone is free to choose a course of their choice but have to consider the entry requirements. One has to have the minimum qualifications or pass the admission test where required. UCAS has a guide to universities, colleges, and the courses on offer.

Application of the chosen course comes second. A simple application process is provided with lots of material for help. One is reminded of deadlines and important dates to look out for. One is able to track the progress of their application.

Universities and colleges then present offers to the applicants. The system oversees the reply to offers, gives interview tips and allows one to adjust their applications by making changes to the earlier application.

One is then prepared anticipating the results. One is advised on how to prepare for the outcome. The next step involves checking whether one is required to do anything else especially if they are admitted . There are checks for specific requirements.

Finally, UCAS ensures one has started their study. It offers comprehensive guide on what to expect in a particular learning environment


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